True Beauty Model - Dana Harrell Ellis

True Beauty Model

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Dana Ellis Photography brings you TRUE BEAUTY MODEL

4-12 grade girls

One on one session with Dana

No auditions or tryouts - all shapes, sizes, heights, color welcome

Weekly or monthly sessions (Session = $50 for 2 hours)

Receive 1-5x7 print and your own online gallery (additional ordering optional)


We are not a modeling agency. We model for self-esteem.

We do not promote the world's modeling program but promote a positive self-image.

Outward accessories are fun but we include a focus on inward beauty - TRUE BEAUTY.


One parent may attend the session, bring a book to read or something to keep you occupied. Watching your child may make them uncomfortable. Drop-offs welcome.

Please do not bring other children to a session. There are a lot of lights, cords, and equipment. Their safety is important to us.


Parents will need to sign an image release, copyright form, and sign-in sheet. 

Group Classes

From time to time we will offer group classes. Topics will include color draping, makeup, hair, style, accessories, posture, and more. Classes will last one hour, have an instructor and will cost $25. Group classes are optional.

True Beauty Model