Mentoring Program - Dana Harrell Ellis

Click Here to apply for the 2020 Mentoring Program.

5 positions are available.

Mentoring Program Includes:

1 day a week hands-on work.

1 hour a week video chat. (Answer all your questions and discuss topics you are curious about.)

No financial commitment (This program is a non-paying program.)

Learning camera settings and use, lighting and lights, working with clients, editing.


Be a woman of at least 16 years of age.

Less than 5 years of experience in photography.

You must own a camera with needed equipment like batteries, cards, lenses, etc...

Have access to Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

Teachable spirit and willingness to learn.

Promote True Beauty and be a person of integrity.

Submit to a background check.

You cannot take clients from DEP.

The mentoring relationship can be canceled at any time by Dana or yourself.