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I am Dana, a small-town gal from South Georgia. I call myself an artist with a camera. I have loved the camera since I was a little girl. I have been professionally shooting since 2007.

I am never satisfied with a simple image. I feel compiled to create images that tell a story. I need to move people with emotion. I must make people think and feel or I have failed. In addition, I am a teacher and I enjoy mentoring and inspiring others to create in an out of the box way.

I don’t take on many paying clients instead I spend my time creating pieces of art that present the messages I want to give to others. Those messages are ones of hope and healing.

Creating (programs, equipment, time, props) costs a great deal of money and I foot the bill myself. I would like to have the resources to create beyond what I am currently able to do. By joining me, you become a partner in the creation and final process. You allow me to get the message out to the public.

Much of my work has been put in book form, however, my dream is to make the art available to everyone as well as teach others how to create their own art and message.

To that end, I need your help to continue creating the message and inspiring others to do the same.


Creating (programs, equipment, time, props, assistants) costs a great deal of money. I would like to have the resources to create beyond what I am currently able to do. I am in the process of upgrading equipment, adding programs, and I need to hire an assistant, hair & makeup artist, as shoots take place. Your support will help make this happen.


From the deepest parts of me, I thank you. You are such a blessing. I look forward to getting to know you personally. Because of YOU…I can make a difference with my message. Now you are a part of my team!

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