About Dana - Dana Harrell Ellis

How it started:

I remember my dad letting me take a picture with his camera when I was in kindergarten. I guess I was hooked from there. I don’t ever remember a time that our family did not have a camera or take a lot of photos.

Becoming a business

In 2007 I turned a hobby into a business. At first, I learned by doing. It wasn’t long before I began taking as many classes from creativeLIVE. I crammed for years!

I started out with the following classes and kept on watching and learning.

Glamour Photography with Sue Bryce

Posing Masterclass with Bambi Cantrell

Lighting Essentials with Don Giannatti Skin.

The Complete Course with Lee Varis

Inside the Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce

Location, Posing, Execution with Roberto Valenzuela

Lightweight Location Lighting with Kevin Kubota

Fine Art Women's Portraits with Jennifer Hudson

And more…

I continue to learn and grow in my skills and training. I think I like learning as much as I love photography and Photoshop!

A few Personal things

I am a mom of 4 children. I am married to the love of my life. I homeschool and thrive on learning new things of interest. My favorite author is Ted Dekker. My favorite singer is Sting (that sweet, sweet voice). My favorite book is the Bible. My favorite person to quote is Charles Spurgeon. My religious preference is Messianic.

Things you may not know about me

I am a licensed and ordained Minister.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Church Ministry.

I have a published book, VENGEANCE.

My favorite dessert is chocolate pudding (cooked not instant).


My specialty

My specialty, I feel like, is women. I love taking a picture of a woman/girl and then explaining to her how beautiful she looks. We are always hard on ourselves about ourselves but when we see ourselves through the eyes of someone else, it can change our world.

My slogan

My slogan is, “Be beautiful, be stylish, and love yourself.” Why? Beauty is what you are on the inside, your morals, behavior, how you treat others. Style is a personal preference, but it tells its own story. Loving yourself is, above all, the most important of the three. We learn to love ourselves when we learn who we are in Christ and are walking that out.

That is a little about me. To tell you everything would require I write another book.

Dana Ellis

Be beautiful, be stylish, and love yourself.