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Did You Know

Vengeance is based on my own personal story of molestation and healing. Bits of truth are sprinkled throughout the book mixed in with a healthy dose of imagination. I started Isabella's story in the middle of my own healing process and added chapters as my healing progressed. The basic elements of Isabella are me. For example, when Isabella sees the girl in the mirror (dissociated part) that was how it happened for me as well. I also wrote FADE into the reality of Light which was happened along side Vengeance's writing. It includes many poems, thoughts, scriptures that I wrote during healing. To give that a visual element, I (an art photographer) include many art photography pieces I made to represent each poem, thought, and scripture.

What Others Are Saying

TLee- Attention Getting- Vengeance kept my attention from start to finish. Interesting plot!

April - A must-read for healing from this kind of hurt. Vengeance is short story that brings various emotions up as your read it. I found myself holding my breath, clenching my hands and holding back tears. This is based on a true story of a strong woman. But, like me you may find it echoes your own.

Fun Facts

Dana is a licensed and ordained minister. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry. Her passion is seeing women set free!

FADE & Vengeance

FADE into the reality of Light takes the reader through a range of emotions while walking through a healing journey. FADE crosses through sorrow, despair, depression, defeat, to hope, joy, gladness, and ultimate victory. Beautiful art photography accompanies every poem to give a visual representation of each emotion. Included in FADE is the bonus book Vengeance.

Vengeance is a story loosely based on Dana’s own molestations story. Follow Isabella on her journey of molestation and dissociation to healing. Read along as she ultimately arrives at the big decision. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.

Order Vengeance as a stand alone book or get it as a bonus book inside of FADE!

Book Foreward by Brett Jarriel

"Brokenness, despair, agony, grief, contentment, trust, joy, hope...all seen through the tunnel of light and mirrors that fill a camera. Dana Ellis has a unique gift for transferring the written Word of God into photographic art. Her talents, however, run much deeper than photography. She has an ability to create an atmosphere of worth around each shoot and its model. God uses her to remind the young women she works with of the place they hold in Him as well as the beauty that He has created in them. Through the photographs and words of this book, Dana is allowing the world to visualize the way she interprets scripture. The poetry and short story only add to the drama of the visual aspect of her work. As a minister of the Gospel, it is always ones hope that God takes our talents and creates a ministry that reaches the world. I believe through these pages He has done just that in Dana Ellis." Brett Jarriel, Pastor Azalea City Church of God Valdosta, Georgia